Buying a New Dog? Two Preventative Treatments You Should Invest In

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If you are purchasing a new dog, you need to make plans to make sure it stays healthy. There are many things you need to do two of which are listed below. You and your dog can then spend a long life together.

Dental Care

Dental care is important with dogs as if they do not get it, they can get periodontal disease (PD).  If this happens, a variety of health issues can arise. Without dental care, 80% of dogs that are up to three years of age have some form of periodontal disease. The big problem with this disease is that you will not notice it until it has progressed into the late stages. If your dog does get PD and it reaches the late stages, they will show symptoms. For example, eating will become painful for them so they will not want to eat. They may drool and become irritable. Their breath may smell very bad due to the infection, and their teeth may fall out. 

To prevent this from happening take your dog to the veterinarian for dental care. They can clean your dog's teeth and check for problems. If PD is found in the early stages, it can be treated so it does not progress further. The veterinarian will show you what you need to do at home, such as brush your dog's teeth once a day. The veterinarian will suggest the best dog toothpaste to purchase to do this. 

Heartworm Prevention

You also need to make sure you give your dog heartworm preventative medication. Getting heartworms can be dangerous for a dog and can even kill them. If your dog does get this, they will show symptoms, such as weight loss, fatigue, decreased appetite, etc. This could also be signs of other diseases, but your dog will be checked for heartworms by the vet. If heartworms are found the vet will perform a treatment. They inject a drug that kills adult heartworms. Because there may be baby heartworms, they will want to give them a second injection later.  

The veterinarian will give you heartworm preventative pills to give to your dog. This is generally once per month. These pills kill any heartworms that may get into your dog's body before they have a chance of causing sickness. It is important that you continue this treatment throughout their lifetime. You can get heartworm preventative medication from your vet, or you can purchase them online. Make sure you ask your vet the type to get as it will be determined by your dog's weight and size.

To learn more about pet dental care and heartworm prevention, contact a local veterinarian.    

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